Nightlight is a simple game I made over the course of two weeks inspired by the Ludum Dare 39 theme ‘Running out of Power’.

Made using Unity.


The world has turned to night, and with it came creatures of darkness. To survive you must search for fuel to power the generator that provides light, keeping you safe, should the generator go off then game over will soon follow.


Search the map for fuel to power the generator.

Should the generator run out of fuel, you have 5 seconds to refuel before its game over.

Use your trusty torch to light your way, however it will only last so long before it will need recharging.

Be on the watch for night wolves and shadow wraiths that inhabit this world.



Move: W,A,S,D

Interact: F

Select option: Space

Psychic World Runner

This was my entry for GameJolt’s #badboxart2017, based on the box art for the game Psychic World.

The game is a little clunky gameplay-wise as I ended up not having as much time to work on it as I had hoped I would.

The game is a simple infinite runner, where the goal is to go as far as you can whilst jumping over, destroying and rolling under random obstacles. Slow down and the ravaging monsters will kill you.


Run: d/right arrow.
Jump: w/up arrow,
Roll: d/down arrow,
Power Action: Space bar.


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Background Music Credit:
‘Techno 80 – base loop’ by frankum available on Freesound

Court of Talis

  • Platform: Web, Windows, Mac, Linux;
  • Engine: Unity;

This game was made for LudumDare 35 game jame, with the theme shapeshift.

You can check out my submission page over at Ludum Dare here.


Court of Talis is a simple arena based game where the player must use shapeshifting and type matching to defeat waves of enemies.

Your aim is to simply survive as long as you can, using your shape shifting to match the enemies weaknesses to defeat them.


There are three types of enemy, each with their own unique attack, and three types of shape which the player can transform into. Each shape transformation has different perks, such as higher speed or stronger defence, but can only damage a single enemy type.


Court of Talis is available to download for Windows, Mac and Linux or can be played in a supported web browser.


Patent Paper Pusher

  • Current Version: 1.0;
  • Platform: Windows;
  • Engine: Unity;


Patent Paper Pusher is a simple Papers Please meets WarioWare sort of game, made for Loading Screen Jam(#LoadingJam) over a single weekend.</>



The aim of the game is simple, approve enough patents to meet your targets in order to keep your boss happy and last as many days as you can.

You play as a patent clerk who during the day must view and pass enough patents of a given set of criteria(in order to please his boss), miss the criteria enough times and it will be game over. Unfortunately patents are confusing and rather detailed for the poor clerk, so he initially speed reads through the patents, this saves time but gives less accurate information on the paper. However, for a more accurate view, the clerk can analyse a paper, but this uses up 10 units of his work hours.


After completing a full day the next will load, during this loading you will play one of three mini games based around the dreams of the patent paper pusher. Survive the night and all shall be well in his world. However, if you fail, the poor patent clerk will have a restless night, with morning coming sooner than he wishes. As a result, time will go quicker the following day, and so he will have less time to meet his targets.



D: Approve patent / Select right;

A: Reject patent / Select left;

W : Analyse patent / Select top;

S : Perform action / Select bottom;

esc : Exit to menu;

360 Controller:

A button: Approve patent / Perform action / Select bottom;

B Button: Reject patent / Select right;

X Button: Select Left;

Y Button: Analyse patent / Select top;

Back Button: Exit to menu;


  • Current Version: 1.3;
  • Platforms: Windows;
  • Engine: Unity;


Mamore is a Unity game I made to enter the Indie Game Maker Contest 2015.

The aim of the Mamore is simple, to survive for as long as possible. The player does this by preventing enemies from reaching the lifeblock, which will absorb any enemy that comes in to contact with it. Enemies can be destroyed either through collision with the player or by purchasing special block traps and turrets; which are purchased with credits that are obtained from destroying enemy blocks. However, with each block the player destroys the harder the game gets, slowly increasing the number of incoming enemies along with their size.

When an enemy is absorbed by the lifeblock the lifeblock’s energy grows. As the lifeblock’s energy grows so too does its size, slowly expanding until it can expand no more, when this happens the lifeblock explodes and the game is over.




Download link: Mamore Standalone

Click ‘n’ PoP

Click ‘n’ PoP is the first game I made in Unity and therefore is a simple game. The goal is to simply click on a certain number of balloons of a given colour before time runs out. Each balloon popped gives the player a little bit more time along with increasing their score.

However, as the game progresses it gets harder by increasing the number of balloons on screen, increasing the number of balloons needed to be popped and reduces the time gained from popping a balloon. The game ends if the player runs out of time or clicks on the wrong colour balloon.


You can play Click’n’PoP in supported browsers here.