All Ways Down Changelog

Parity update 01/03/2017

The parity update for All Ways Down brings both the WebGL and the standalone version up to date with the recently released Android version of All Ways Down (available now on the Google Play store).

New features include:
  • New collectables system:
    Each level now contains a golden collectable.
  • New level rating system:
    Each level now has a rating system, where a level completion is rated based on whether the level is complete, if the player died or if the golden collectable was picked up.
  • Further improved UI, including new UI animations.
  • And finally the ability to alter some graphical settings, such as overall quality and Vsync.

Other changes include general performance tweaks, bug fixes, new save system, level tweaks, and the combining of continuous play(Story mode) and single level play.

Update 05/01/2017
  •  Increased pickup size.
  • Increased goal detection area.
  • Increased rotation speed.
  • Improved various UI elements.
  • Added current level number to pause + complete screen.
  • Added trail effect.
  • Tweaked overall game difficulty.
  • Added mute button.
  • Added mouse input for level rotation.
Anniversary Update 09/12/2016

The anniversary update* for All Ways Down contains various improvements and new features including

  • New Levels.
  • New Obstacles,
  • New Menu UI,
  • Level Selection,
  • End of game stats,
  • Improved performance,
  • Touch support,
  • And many more improvements and bug-fixes.

*Note: These improvements are only available in the web version. The standalone versions have not been updated.

Update 23/1/16
  • New graphics
  • Full controller support
  • New Menu UI
  • Minor Bug fixes
Update 05/01/2016

Windows, Mac and Linux downloads have been updated to the post Ludum Dare 34 version.

Update 04/01/2016:

Post Ludum Dare version of All Ways Down is now available. You can play the new post Ludum version by either using the above web player or by downloading the AWD post Ludum zip below, this contains Windows, Mac and Linux versions.

New features include:

  • Faster ball,
  • Larger Growth Pellets,
  • Various bug fixes,
  • Added camera shake,
  • Input from Left and Right Arrow keys
  • 5 New levels and a new obstacle.