• Current Version: 1.3;
  • Platforms: Windows;
  • Engine: Unity;


Mamore is a Unity game I made to enter the Indie Game Maker Contest 2015.

The aim of the Mamore is simple, to survive for as long as possible. The player does this by preventing enemies from reaching the lifeblock, which will absorb any enemy that comes in to contact with it. Enemies can be destroyed either through collision with the player or by purchasing special block traps and turrets; which are purchased with credits that are obtained from destroying enemy blocks. However, with each block the player destroys the harder the game gets, slowly increasing the number of incoming enemies along with their size.

When an enemy is absorbed by the lifeblock the lifeblock’s energy grows. As the lifeblock’s energy grows so too does its size, slowly expanding until it can expand no more, when this happens the lifeblock explodes and the game is over.




Download link: Mamore Standalone