Small World Changelog

Small World Fighters 0.09 update


The update includes:

  • New map ‘The Crusher’
  • 3 New weapons:
    • Flaming Sword,
    • MiniGun
    • Blunder Gun
  • 3 New Powerups:
    • Health restore,
    • Speed boost
    • Bullet shield
  • Improved UI
  • Improved gameplay
  • Various bug fixes

Small World Fighters 0.07 update


The update includes:
  • New player screen, the player join screen has been reworked and now allows players to change their character,
  • Added mouse support for all menus,
  • New roll ability. Players can now perform a roll, allowing them to dodge incoming attacks,
  • Various bug fixes.

Small World Fighters 0.06 update


The update includes:
  • New special power up, Unicorn rider!
  • New level ‘Patera’,
  • A new weapon, the Mallard Missile Launcher,
  • Added a Level intro,
  • Increased respawn times,
  • Added bullet effects,
  • Various bug fixes.

The 0.05 update has arrived!


Featuring a brand new level and numerous improvements to gameplay.

The full list of changes include:

  • New map 4 asteroids,
  • New Player animations,
  • New custom rules for both battle and control modes,
  • Improved player movement,
  • Changed player jump,
  • New player outlines and larger pointer,
  • Improved control logic,
  • Pause screen (the game can now be paused),
  • Improved player join screen,
  • General bug fixes.