Psychic World Runner

This was my entry for GameJolt’s #badboxart2017, based on the box art for the game Psychic World.

The game is a little clunky gameplay-wise as I ended up not having as much time to work on it as I had hoped I would.

The game is a simple infinite runner, where the goal is to go as far as you can whilst jumping over, destroying and rolling under random obstacles. Slow down and the ravaging monsters will kill you.


Run: d/right arrow.
Jump: w/up arrow,
Roll: d/down arrow,
Power Action: Space bar.


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Background Music Credit:
‘Techno 80 – base loop’ by frankum available on Freesound

All Ways Down

  • Platform: Android, Web, Windows, Mac, Linux;
  • Engine: Unity;

All Ways Down now on the Google play store!


  • New collectables,
  • Further improved and reworked menu UI,
  • UI animations,
  • Nvidia Shield Controller support,
  • Improved performance,
  • General improvements,

All Ways Down is available now on the Google Play store!

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Parity update 01/03/2017

The parity update for All Ways Down brings both the WebGL and the standalone version up to date with the recently released Android version of All Ways Down (available now on the Google Play store).

New features include:
  • New collectables system:
    Each level now contains a golden collectable.
  • New level rating system:
    Each level now has a rating system, where a level completion is rated based on whether the level is complete, if the player died or if the golden collectable was picked up.
  • Further improved UI, including new UI animations.
  • And finally the ability to alter some graphical settings, such as overall quality and Vsync.

Other changes include general performance tweaks, bug fixes, new save system, level tweaks, and the combining of continuous play(Story mode) and single level play.

Full Change log can be found here.


All – Ways – Down is a simple but challenging puzzle game, where the aim of the game is to try and navigate the level whilst collecting all of the growth pellets. The more pellets you collect the larger and heavier the player will become, and thus harder to control. When the player collects all of the pellets on the level they can then move to the next by hitting the goal button, but you will have to get to it first.

The player doesn’t move the ball directly, instead the player controls the game by rotating the whole level, and so the player must rely on the always downward force of gravity to move about.

This game was made for the Ludum Dare 34 game jam over 3 days, with the theme of growing and two button controls.

You can check out the original submission page here.


Rotate Level: A/D, Left/Right Mouse button, Left/Right Arrow, Left thumbstick(x360), left or right side of touch screen.

Pause game: Pause|Break, Start(x360).

Select: Enter, A button(x360).

Back/Cancel: Escape, B button(x360).

Available Now on:

Patent Paper Pusher

  • Current Version: 1.0;
  • Platform: Windows;
  • Engine: Unity;


Patent Paper Pusher is a simple Papers Please meets WarioWare sort of game, made for Loading Screen Jam(#LoadingJam) over a single weekend.</>



The aim of the game is simple, approve enough patents to meet your targets in order to keep your boss happy and last as many days as you can.

You play as a patent clerk who during the day must view and pass enough patents of a given set of criteria(in order to please his boss), miss the criteria enough times and it will be game over. Unfortunately patents are confusing and rather detailed for the poor clerk, so he initially speed reads through the patents, this saves time but gives less accurate information on the paper. However, for a more accurate view, the clerk can analyse a paper, but this uses up 10 units of his work hours.


After completing a full day the next will load, during this loading you will play one of three mini games based around the dreams of the patent paper pusher. Survive the night and all shall be well in his world. However, if you fail, the poor patent clerk will have a restless night, with morning coming sooner than he wishes. As a result, time will go quicker the following day, and so he will have less time to meet his targets.



D: Approve patent / Select right;

A: Reject patent / Select left;

W : Analyse patent / Select top;

S : Perform action / Select bottom;

esc : Exit to menu;

360 Controller:

A button: Approve patent / Perform action / Select bottom;

B Button: Reject patent / Select right;

X Button: Select Left;

Y Button: Analyse patent / Select top;

Back Button: Exit to menu;