Small World Fighters

Small World Fighters is a game I made over 72 hours for LudumDare 38. The game is a 2D multiplayer shooter/brawler game that supports upto four players, and features two game modes, ‘control’ and ‘battle’.   Gameplay: In ‘control’ players must fight over the control area that rotates around the world. Stand in the control zone … Continue reading “Small World Fighters”

Psychic World Runner

This was my entry for GameJolt’s #badboxart2017, based on the box art for the game Psychic World. The game is a little clunky gameplay-wise as I ended up not having as much time to work on it as I had hoped I would. The game is a simple infinite runner, where the goal is to go … Continue reading “Psychic World Runner”

Court of Talis

Platform: Web, Windows, Mac, Linux; Engine: Unity; This game was made for LudumDare 35 game jame, with the theme shapeshift. You can check out my submission page over at Ludum Dare here. Court of Talis is a simple arena based game where the player must use shapeshifting and type matching to defeat waves of enemies. Your aim is … Continue reading “Court of Talis”

All Ways Down

Platform: Android, Web, Windows, Mac, Linux; Engine: Unity; All Ways Down now on the Google play store! Featuring: New collectables, Further improved and reworked menu UI, UI animations, Nvidia Shield Controller support, Improved performance, General improvements, All Ways Down is available now on the Google Play store! Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of … Continue reading “All Ways Down”

Patent Paper Pusher

Current Version: 1.0; Platform: Windows; Engine: Unity;   Patent Paper Pusher is a simple Papers Please meets WarioWare sort of game, made for Loading Screen Jam(#LoadingJam) over a single weekend.</> Aim: The aim of the game is simple, approve enough patents to meet your targets in order to keep your boss happy and last as … Continue reading “Patent Paper Pusher”


Current Version: 0.32; Platforms: Windows; Engine: Unity; TaO-VARG is a challenging action puzzle game where your goal as the player is to guide a Ballistic Acceleration ellipse(BALL for short) to the goal by using two special gravity particles: Thrusts and Orbits. Further, in order to successfully complete a level, not only must the BALL reach … Continue reading “TaOVARG”


Current Version: 1.3; Platforms: Windows; Engine: Unity;   Mamore is a Unity game I made to enter the Indie Game Maker Contest 2015. The aim of the Mamore is simple, to survive for as long as possible. The player does this by preventing enemies from reaching the lifeblock, which will absorb any enemy that comes … Continue reading “Mamore”

Click ‘n’ PoP

Click ‘n’ PoP is the first game I made in Unity and therefore is a simple game. The goal is to simply click on a certain number of balloons of a given colour before time runs out. Each balloon popped gives the player a little bit more time along with increasing their score. However, as … Continue reading “Click ‘n’ PoP”